Want to learn how manufacturers increases revenue using digital marketing?

Manufacturing Marketing is launching it’s newest marketing solution that
will help industrial manufacturers (of any size) generate more revenue,
lower your marketing costs, and help to automate your sales process.

To schedule a consultation please visit this link.  Attendees will learn the importance of digital marketing and how it will boost your bottomline revenue in 2018!

The consultation focuses on the five pillars of any successful digital marketing campaign:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Website Traffic (SEO / SEM)
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing

For industrial manufacturers looking to upgrade their visibility online with a results focused, efficient marketing solution, the team at Manufacturing Marketing has spent the last 2 years perfecting the right digital solution for the manufacturing industry.

All manufacturers are unique; to effectively use your presence online you have to make sure you are playing by “Google’s” strict algorithm guidelines.

Lenny Mauricio (SEMA 35 Under 35), Founder and Growth Strategist of ilocal SEO, will be hosting the 1 on 1 consultation. A question and answer allows for specific questions regarding your presence online, along with possible solutions. 

About Manufacturing Marketing:

Our approach is to help industrial manufacturers generate more qualified leads (MQLS & SQLs) through our digital strategy. Not all manufacturers are the same nor are they on the same marketing level. Our approach to marketing helps deliver a custom project tailored to the specific needs of your manufacturing company.

By truly understanding your marketing pain points and learning about your sales goals through a digital campaign, this allows us to truly find those “diamond” in the rough opportunities through online marketing. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your overall marketing team with out the need to hire a full time employee. We know digital – We know manufacturing – We know digital marketing for manufacturers!